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Medical Translations

Karen Sexton is a specialist medical and pharmaceutical translator, providing a medical translation service from English to Brazilian Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese to English.

As well as being a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese and fluent speaker of English, Karen has a BSc in Biology and a Distinction in the scientific unit of the Institute of Linguistics’ Diploma in Translation.

Karen specialises in Portuguese translation, and the translation, revision and localisation of medical market research and clinical trial documentation, as well as that of research papers for international publication. 

She is also able to provide revisions tailored for terminology management and to introduce lexical and grammatical consistency between older and updated versions of documents, and group translations collated from the work of different translators.

The professional choice

Karen Sexton’s proven track record, years of experience and scientific qualifications ensure that every aspect of your project will be undertaken with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Karen has worked extensively with many top-level medical and pharmaceutical companies, including Eli Lilly and Company, Sanofi-Aventis, Pfizer, Merck and WorldOne.

Every task undertaken is, of course, kept completely confidential and dealt with extremely professionally, with impeccable attention to detail and delivery of results on time to meet your deadline, every time.

Karen’s linguistic skills in both English and Brazilian Portuguese are extremely adaptive, and Karen is highly experienced at tailoring patient-facing and physician-facing documentation to match the needs of the target audience.

Translation: English – Brazilian Portuguese

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Transcription: Brazilian Portuguese – English

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Specialist language review of medical translations

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Localization of medical content to Brazilian audiences

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Linguistic consultancy: Brazilian Portuguese for the medical industry

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